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1-day 'SEO' Course in Google AdWords Basics/fundamentals — SEO-08

Google AdWords Training Course Overview

This AdWords training course teaches you all the basics required to use AdWords cost-effectively, by explaining: how to create/configure an account, navigate the interface, start and customise a campaign, optimise your ads, understand auctions and quality scoring, track performance, and troubleshoot under-performing campaigns.

This is not really an SEO course at all, because pay-per-click (PPC) strategies based on Google AdWords are, in one respect, the very opposite of search engine friendly web site optimisation — they are adopted when a business cannot, or will not, generate traffic by modifying their site's content, structure, code and links. In short, AdWords exists to address some of the circumstances in which SEO cannot achieve your site goals quickly enough, or cost-effectively enough.

That said, from a technical point of view, AdWords and SEO do the same thing fundamentally, i.e. they put your messages and links in front web users, in response to keyword matches with users' queries. So:

  1. Neither AdWords, nor SEO, help on abstract values that users don't search for
  2. Non-financial optimisation — e.g. keywords, authorship, landing pages, tracking, performance, measurement — is identical
  3. Most poor AdWords campaigns fail for the same reasons as SEO — user error

Course contents — 1 Customized course

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Target Audience

  • Web marketing and communications managers
  • Web marketing and communications staff

Training Pre-requisites

The following — or equivalent SEO knowledge and experience:

Training Style

Instructor-led, hands-on training.

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