Advanced SEO

2-day advanced seo training course — SEA

Advanced SEO Training Course Overview

This intensive advanced seo course is, in essence, a distillation of 4 advanced 1-day courses:

  1. SEO competitive analysis
  2. SEO copywriting and keyword layering
  3. SEO link-building
  4. SEO Mark-up and metadata

In short, this advanced seo training provides a quick run-through the key strategic areas that any successful SEO campaign should cover; providing checklists and tips for all the essential tactics that need planning and action.

It is intended, primarily, for those who:

  • Already know the SEO basics, but;
  • Don't have the time or resources to plough through all 4 courses listed above

Course contents — 1 Advanced competitive analysis

  • Keyword research, doing it better
  • Keyword popularity metrics
  • Generic keyword competition, adword bids
  • SERPs keyword competition, the real word
  • SERPs competitor strength & weakness
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Advanced strategy: do-able, extensible
  • Advanced tactics: layered & integrated
  • Advanced tools: measure, monitor, refine

Course contents — 2 Advanced content strategy

  • Advanced content research: competitive
  • Trust and authority
  • Advanced keyword semantics
  • Keyword selection: beyond head/tail words
  • Advanced keyword layering
  • Site organisation: similar vs. distinct
  • Advanced page structures: layers, chunks
  • SEO copywriting, style guides
  • Content marketing and social media
  • Advanced SEO blogging

Course contents — 3 Advanced link strategy

  • Advanced link research
  • Quantitive and qualitive link evaluation
  • Link-finding tools and metrics
  • Advanced SEO link layering
  • Advanced SEO link bait
  • Advanced link positioning
  • Advanced link targeting
  • Linking from social media
  • Linking from blogs and marketed content

Course contents — 4 Advanced markup & metadata

  • Advanced HTML5 semantics
  • Advanced semantic elements, attributes
  • Layering and chunking semantic markup
  • Whole-page metadata: OGP, Dublin core
  • Advanced snippet metadata
  • Microdata, RDFa, microformats
  • Advanced metadata & content marketing
  • Advanced metadata & social media
  • Controlling your messages with metadata
  • Layering and chunking semantic metadata

Course Objectives

On completion of this advanced seo course, delegates should be able to:

  • Identify their competitive SEO strengths and weaknesses
  • Select potentially successful SEO strategies & tactics
  • Avoid SEO competition on unwinnable terrain
  • Layer their optimisation of content, links, markup and metadata
  • Monitor, refine and improve their SEO strategies over time

Target Audience

  • Marketing and communications staff
  • Content copy writers and editors
  • Web designers and developers
  • General managers — esp. of SMEs

Training Pre-requisites

  • One of our basic SEO courses
    • SEO Essentials
    • SEO Fundamentals
  • A very basic understanding of HTML tagging
    • E.g. our HTML Essentials course
  • Or equivalent practical knowledge and experience

Training Style

As an intensive course for those who already know the SEO basics, a fair proportion of the interactive content will focus on group discussion rather than individual hands-on exercises.

That said, students will have several hours to get individually hands-on with advanced SEO tools and to practice optimising content, links and semantic markup, etc.

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