1-day advanced SEO Course in Link-building Tactics & Strategy — SLB

Link-building Training Course Overview

This advanced SEO training course focuses exclusively on link strategy and tactics. The course is up-to-date (revised 2019) — and puts special emphasis on getting ahead of your SEO competitors, by understanding and utilising the very latest link-related developments in HTML5, social media, and search engine algorithms. This link-building course is targeted at those who already know the SEO basics and understand the roles played by links in search engine content analysis and ranking algorithms — i.e. at those who already know they need more and better quality links. Topics covered, include:

  • Link types and categories — including no-follow links
  • The low hanging fruit — easy, cheap, cost-effective links
  • Link bait — by far the most cost-effective strategy
  • Geo-location — local search, directories, and media
  • Reciprocal links — making them more productive
  • Press releases and Event-related links
  • Content marketing — e.g. links in syndicated articles
  • Blogs and bloggers — optimize links in your own and other people's
  • Social media — Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • URL abbreviation/shortening and link software tools
  • Recent trends in link-related search engine algorithms, e.g. Google Penguin

Course contents — 1 Links in SEO — some basics

  • Understanding links and their attributes
  • Different types of link element & address
  • Attrs: title, target, rel, next, nofollow
  • Link usage and positioning within pages
  • What links do for your search engine strategy
  • Google PageRank in some detail
  • Tools to ID PageRank and related metrics
  • PageRank in practice: not so important
  • Keywords in links & content semantics
  • Keywords: links vs. non-interactive content
  • Google bombs
  • Ideal links vs. problem links (things to avoid)

Course contents — 2 Competitive link analysis

  • Evaluating your own links
  • Evaluating competitors' links
  • Quantity vs. quality
  • Google's link: syntax
  • Commercial link-finding tools
  • SEOMoz, WordTracker, SEOElite, Majestic
  • Understanding how these tools work
  • Tool-specific metrics: MozRank, ACRank
  • Identifying potential link sources

Course contents — 3 Getting links built

  • Real vs contrived links
  • Low-hanging fruit
  • 'Link conciousness' coders and copywriters
  • Directory links
  • Reciprocal links
  • Content marketing and syndication
  • Link bait — howto and how-not-to
  • Blogging and bloggers
  • Social media links
  • Press releases
  • Forums, mailing lists and other communities
  • Other link sources
  • Link-building software

Course contents — 4 Buying links

  • Link aspects of Google Penguin & Panda
  • Paid-for links — punishments and rewards
  • Bought links that work: value-added editorial
  • How SEs can/can't track paid links
  • Finding link services — and avoiding scams
  • Link selling newspeak and jargon
  • Finding out what you get for your cash

Course Objectives

On completion of this advanced SEO training course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the role of links in SEO
  • Understand the impact of social media on SEO link-building
  • Understand how new 'tech' has changed link-building
  • Conduct SEO link analysis — quantitive and qualitive
  • Evaluate links competitively
  • Estimate costs/benefits of different link strategies
  • Identify cost-effective link-building opportunities
  • Deploy link-building tools
  • Measure and enhance link-building performance

Target Audience

  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Web marketing and communications managers
  • Web marketing and communications staff

Training Pre-requisites

The following — or equivalent knowledge and experience:

Training Style

Instructor-led, hands-on training.

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